Life Insurance

This type of insurance can be designed to pay out a lump sum or regular income on death or diagnosis of a specified critical illness such as cancer, stroke or heart disease. This can be arranged to cover a specified number of years or for life.

The capital is paid tax free and can be used for any purpose such as repaying a mortgage or other loan, buying private medical care, paying for school fees and ensuring that you and your family have adequate protection should the worst happen.

We can advise on an appropriate level of cover for your needs, ensuring that your policy is written in the most tax efficient manner possible while advising on whether or not the policy should be written in trust.

Business owners and company directors can benefit from the tax allowances of specialist relevant life policies. Premiums are paid for by the business, which benefits from corporation tax relief, and any life insurance lump sums are paid direct to the family who save up to 45% on personal tax.

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As a consultancy company, insurance is a vital part of our business and Chris and Hine have provided a second to none service in making sure that all our insurance requirements are suitably covered in an extremely cost effective and efficient way thus taking away the concerns over coverage when dealing with our varied client database

John Douglas, MD, John Douglas Consultants Ltd