Having an investment portfolio, a “nest egg”, or any form of long-term savings plan, can be pivotal to helping you achieve a future objective or need. Almost all types of investments have a purpose, whether this is providing income, producing long term capital growth or simply trying to keep pace with inflation. But these need to be fit for purpose, and part of our service is to help you review and plan for each of your investments objectives in a tax-efficient and risk-controlled manner.

There is a wide array of choices on the investment services market, so whether you chose to self-invest, seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser, such as ourselves, or simply contact your bank, there are some points you should consider.

  • What level of investment risk are you comfortable with?
  • Are your current investments in-keeping with this?
  • Do you alter your risk profile depending on the objective(s) you have?
  • Will you suffer capital gains tax if you dispose of any of your current investments?
  • Are you using your NISA allowance? Have you always used your tax free savings allowances?
  • Are you being charged too much for your investments?
  • How easy is it to administer your investments? Is everything available to view in one place?
  • What specialist managers do you trust to invest your capital?

At Hine Financial Services, we have the ability to work with all types of investors and as Independent Financial Advisers, have no biases or limitation when discussing investment portfolios. We are able to evaluate and report on existing investment portfolios and, if appropriate, offer improvement where we see fit.

As a fee based advisor, all of our advisory charges are laid clear in our Client Service Agreement which is available is advance of any meeting. It‘s worth remembering that fees are only incurred when they are agreed – initial meetings are at our own expense. Fees for ongoing services where agreed are also contained within this document, as we would look to review and build your financial plan for years to come.

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We have been dealing with Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers now for a couple of years and have found them to be a very trustworthy and no nonsense insurance broker.

Hine are very professional when dealing with any claims; they are an attention to detail company and we would have no worries whatsoever in recommending them to one of our customers or suppliers.

Tina Jame, Kall Kwik Machinery