Shareholder Protection

This cover ensures control of the business remains with the surviving owners, rather than passing to someone who is unwilling or unable to contribute to the running of the business. With shareholder protection insurance the shareholder’s beneficiaries are still provided for and the shares are prevented from being sold off to a competitor.

We can provide advice which will complement the insurance policy such as the establishment of a cross/double option agreement. This gives the surviving owners the option to purchase the shareholder’s interest in the business, and the personal representatives of the shareholder the option to sell to the existing owners. If either party chooses to exercise their option, the agreement becomes binding.

After advising on an appropriate level of cover for your needs we’ll make sure that your policy is written in the most tax efficient manner possible and also advise on whether or not the policy should be written in trust.

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Following the recent renewal of our commercial and fleet policies we would like to thank you for all your efforts in securing the most favourable terms possible yet again. Control of costs in any business is more vital now than ever and we are pleased that you have reduced our overall insurance costs again, without compromise on the level of cover we have come to expect. Your continued help and advice thoughout the year is most appreciated.

Mrs. Eileen Mason, Commercial Manager, Jaymar Packaging Ltd.