Public Liability

If a customer or member of the public suffers loss of any sort due to your negligence, your business could be liable to pay for the loss incurred. Depending on the extent of the damages, the legal costs alone could impact not only your business’ financial stability, but its reputation too.

Before providing a competitive public liability quote, our team will carry out a risk assessment on your business to determine what level of liability cover you’ll need.

With public liability insurance from Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers, you can apply cover without having to endure the usual time consuming, costly processes.

Our team has the knowledge and capacity to offer truly competitive insurance quotes that don’t fall short on cover.

Key Features

  • Professional and personal service delivered by a team of Chartered experts
  • Competitive premium rates combined with comprehensive, non-generic cover
  • Access to Lloyd’s and London market underwriters
  • Complete assessment to ensure there are no gaps in cover
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