The construction industry faces its own unique set of risks. It’s an industry that combines large teams of workers and long hours, with heavy machinery and physical labour. With so many risks to consider, construction insurance is essential to protecting your business.

When choosing Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers, you can be confident that the service you receive is delivered by an experienced team of insurance professionals.

After assessing the needs of your business, we make sure that each policy we provide is competitively worded and includes indemnity and liability construction cover, which are fundamental in this particular sector. Cover can also be arranged for vehicles, premises and machinery if required.

We understand that under certain contract conditions, your business may be required to assess new risks. To increase flexibility, we give you the choice to arrange cover on an annual, project or one-off basis. Specialist cover such as 6.5.1/21.2.1 non-negligent damage and latent defects insurance is also available.

Key Features

  • Professional and personal service delivered by a team of Chartered experts
  • Competitive premium rates combined with comprehensive, non-generic cover
  • Access to Lloyd’s and London market underwriters
  • Complete assessment to ensure there are no gaps in cover
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Hine Insurance Brokers work in a very client-based industry and everything is dealt with in a person to person environment. They are very professional and really cater for all your insurance needs. They have great staff who will never let you down

David Lee, Lockton Companies