Cleaning Contractors

During any one cleaning session, keys may be misplaced, items damaged with particular cleaning chemicals, or one of your staff members could accidentally leave your customer’s premises insecure. These are all simple errors that could lead to big costs for you business, and they could happen at any point within the period of your cleaning contract.

Cleaning contractors liability insurance allows you to safeguard your reputation if a customer has made a claim, and be reimbursed for the costs which arise out of a it.

At Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers, securing this niche insurance can be straightforward, with the option to include cover for tools and other business equipment, theft from your vehicle overnight, and employers’ liability if you employ staff.

Speak to the experts at Hine whatever the nature of your cleaning business and we’ll advise on an insurance policy that’s affordable and compatible with your operations.

Key Features

  • Tools theft and damage
  • Employers’ liability
  • Loss of keys
  • Property damage
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"A trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable local broker I have dealt with Hine Insurance Brokers, for many years on the Insurer side of things, and have always been impressed with their knowledge and relationships with their clients. I know from an underwriting point of view that the risk is presented exactly as it is - which is a dream for any underwriter. They have a good track of risk management, and I know that the risks are placed in a market that fits. Paul, Dave and Chris, with the rest of the Hine team, are a good bet for any business"     Stephen Bridge, Zurich Insurance