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August 16th 2016

Training to be the next Olympian? You’d better make sure you’re insured

The Rio Olympics are shining a spotlight on the best and most successful athletes in the world as they compete to win Gold medals for themselves and for the country. However it’s not always world records that get shattered, as illustrated by French gymnast Ait Said’s bone-breaking injury. Injuries such as this can spell the […]

August 16th 2016

Introducing Blockchain

It may be a bit premature to officially introduce the technology which supports Bitcoin, but the impact that Blockchain could have on economy, security, and even diamond warfare are too hard not to get excited about. Used as a method of recording data, Blockchain creates a digital ledger of any important information which needs to […]

July 28th 2016

Is Your Business Ready for Pokemon Go?

A new app craze is sweeping the globe, and your business could get caught up in it – either to its advantage or detriment. Unless you’ve been on holiday for the past few weeks you’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, the latest craze sweeping the nation – in fact, you’ve probably heard about it even […]