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November 28th 2017

9 tips for avoiding burst pipes

By keeping the heating on and you, your employees and any visitors to your business warm, you’re also doing your water system a favour by preventing it from freezing when the chill sets in. But what about when you close for Christmas? Rather than leaving pipes open to the elements, there are measures you can […]

August 30th 2017

Top 5 causes of electrical fires in homes

For all the ways we rely on electricity, we also invite the risk of fire into our properties through its everyday use. In no particular order, here are five of the most common causes of electrical fires in our homes and small commercial premises. Are you making any of these mistakes with your lights, laptops and […]

June 23rd 2017

5 ways to protect your home while you’re away

Nothing is going to dash your post-holiday inner contentment more than the discovery of a kicked in door, smashed windows and stolen valuables. Take the precautions below and you can be confident that a break-in, while you’re enjoying your holiday, will be much less likely. Don’t broadcast your trip – It’s natural that we want […]

May 27th 2017

Keep your home secure this summer

The promise of a sunny day brings with it a high state of excitement and relaxation in a country where the summer months don’t come with a guarantee of hot weather. Dusty barbecues are dragged out of sheds, picnics are packed, and windows and doors are thrown open to welcome the summer breeze. Therein lies […]