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March 30th 2020

Temporarily closed or unoccupied properties during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, some buildings will be temporarily empty. Buildings, whether temporarily closed or permanently unoccupied can be at greater risk from the likes of arson, antisocial behaviour such as vandalism or squatters, theft and escape of water. We have produced some guidance to help our clients understand how to manage and protect their property.

February 24th 2020

The meaning behind Shrove Tuesday

Whilst Shrove Tuesday is now commonly associated with eating pancakes, the day is steeped in tradition and is thought to be over 1,000 years old.

April 18th 2019

Is Notre-Dame insured and how will it be repaired?

When the 856-year-old architectural icon went ablaze, the devastation of the public was apparent worldwide. Unlike your own home, it’s not just a case of calling your insurance company when the flames die down. So, is Notre-Dame insured and how will it cover the restoration?