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October 31st 2017

Natural disasters predicted to account for £72bn insurance claims in 2017

The old adage ‘one thing after another’ has rarely seemed truer than in 2017, with the relief efforts to help victims of one storm, hurricane, flood or earthquake barely under way before another part of the world is hit by a natural disaster. In August, Hurricane Harvey caused 80 deaths and tremendous flood damage across […]

October 23rd 2017

Minimum energy performance requirement looms. Have you got the energy?

Winter for many tenants of residential or commercial properties can be costly and uncomfortable if they have to endure sub-standard heating systems in drafty buildings. But all that’s set to change next year when the new energy efficiency regulations come into play on 1st April 2018. Changes to the 2011 Energy Act are intended to […]

August 31st 2017

5 ways to prevent construction site theft

Many construction projects operate to tight budgets and pressing deadlines, meaning hired or owned equipment and tools need to be easily and quickly accessible to contractors. But the open nature of building sites, along with insufficient storage and security measures, can make construction projects a tempting target for thieves. What’s more, statistics from the NICB […]

August 30th 2017

Top 5 causes of electrical fires in homes

For all the ways we rely on electricity, we also invite the risk of fire into our properties through its everyday use. In no particular order, here are five of the most common causes of electrical fires in our homes and small commercial premises. Are you making any of these mistakes with your lights, laptops and […]

July 25th 2017

Workplace fires – common causes and how to prevent them

Without the awareness, care and attention of everyone at work, a fire can start and spread in the workplace. What’s more, ill-preparation can cost lives. Between 2013 and 2014, there were 22,200 fires reported in non-dwelling businesses, with commercial buildings deemed most at risk. Licensed premises and those serving food accounted 2,200 fires, and it […]

July 10th 2017

Taking responsibility for fire safety

Fires in commercial and residential housing can, in the best scenario, cost money and cause disruption to people’s lives and business. In the very worst cases, as we’ve seen in London, it can cost lives. Read on to see what measures you should be looking at now to ensure the safety of those occupying your properties.

July 1st 2017

What are squatters rights?

Do you know your legal standpoint as the property owner? Squatters can claim possession of a building they’re occupying True: Someone who is occupying a property without the owners’ permission can become the registered owner with the help of a conveyancer or solicitor. To do so, they would have to prove that they or their […]