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April 26th 2019

What does the Tenant Fees Act mean for landlords and tenants?

The burden for many renters is the seemingly fruitless referencing fee they must pay before paying the deposit and first month’s rent. From June, these lettings fees will be scrapped, so what does it mean for tenants and for the letting agents who relied on them?

April 18th 2019

Is Notre-Dame insured and how will it be repaired?

When the 856-year-old architectural icon went ablaze, the devastation of the public was apparent worldwide. Unlike your own home, it’s not just a case of calling your insurance company when the flames die down. So, is Notre-Dame insured and how will it cover the restoration?

October 31st 2017

Natural disasters predicted to account for £72bn insurance claims in 2017

The old adage ‘one thing after another’ has rarely seemed truer than in 2017, with the relief efforts to help victims of one storm, hurricane, flood or earthquake barely under way before another part of the world is hit by a natural disaster. In August, Hurricane Harvey caused 80 deaths and tremendous flood damage across […]