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September 8th 2017

The dangers of dust

Among other construction and trade related risks, dust kicked up into the air from sanding, grinding, drilling and cutting can cause fatal damage to those exposed to it. Understanding the dangers and knowing how to protect against them is key to avoiding serious illnesses which may not come to light until many years later. What […]

September 7th 2017

3 less obvious steps to lowering your accident rate

Stringent on-site health and safety measures can protect your workers first and foremost, but also care for your business by reducing absence, protecting your reputation, retaining staff and maintaining productivity. Best practices around training, the right equipment and signage are all a given when working on a construction site, but what of the overlooked risks […]

June 16th 2017

The building blocks of 3D printing insurance

Tuning into the latest business opportunities created by technology can bring new risks to your operations. The first step to avoiding them is knowing what they are; the second is preparing for them with insurance.  We outline how common insurance features of old can apply to the “young blood” of technical operations. Product Liability Claims […]

April 28th 2017

How to manage a product recall

From dangerous levels of bacteria in a well-known facial cleansing product to exploding smartphones, the reasons behind a product recall have almost no boundaries. What’s more, because of constantly changing regulation both at home and abroad, manufacturers are having to pull back more products to the drawing board than ever. Insurance that works to protect […]

April 4th 2017

First aid training is vital for manufacturers

Accidents happen, but the manufacturing sector is exposed to a significantly higher risk of personal injury at work than other industries. Each year, around 3% of manufacturing industry workers suffers an illness they believe to be work related. First aid is a vital skill in all workplaces, and its place in your manufacturing business’s office, […]

March 8th 2017

All work and no pay: Volunteering law

If your organisation or charity benefits from the assistance of volunteers, you’ll know how gratefully received their help can be. Giving up their time and effort to work for you, volunteers can gain experience and personal gratification – but without pay, they are not classed as employees or workers. Badly worded volunteer agreements can inadvertently […]