Archive Year: 2017
December 18th 2017

Winter-proof your warehouse

Whether a warehouse forms just part of your retail operation or storage and distribution is the core of your business, plummeting temperatures can cause warehouse chaos. Frozen pipes or damaged stock could mean significant repair and replacement costs, as well as delays, business interruption and broken contracts – and could even stop you trading altogether. […]

December 14th 2017

8 tips for avoiding slips

Ice skating is a seasonal pastime for many, but to be enjoyable it needs to be on your own terms – not every step you take outside when it’s been snowing or ice has set in. YouTube is littered with “funny” clips and compilations of people falling in cold weather, but these accidents are no […]

November 28th 2017

9 tips for avoiding burst pipes

By keeping the heating on and you, your employees and any visitors to your business warm, you’re also doing your water system a favour by preventing it from freezing when the chill sets in. But what about when you close for Christmas? Rather than leaving pipes open to the elements, there are measures you can […]

November 17th 2017

What will you do when you experience a cyber attack?

75% of SMEs have experienced a cyber attack in the last 12 months, so it’s more a case of when it will happen to you than if. But an incident doesn’t have to mean disaster for your business. What’s the worst that could happen? Whether your system is maliciously hacked or an employee loses confidential […]

November 2nd 2017

#nofilter – The benefits of starting an Instagram page for your business

If you own your own business, you’ve undoubtedly opened a Facebook page in its name as part of your marketing strategy. You may even have delved into Twitter, or staked your place on LinkedIn. But have you considered starting an Instagram page for your business? Much maligned for enabling users to upload heavily-filtered food snaps […]

October 31st 2017

Natural disasters predicted to account for £72bn insurance claims in 2017

The old adage ‘one thing after another’ has rarely seemed truer than in 2017, with the relief efforts to help victims of one storm, hurricane, flood or earthquake barely under way before another part of the world is hit by a natural disaster. In August, Hurricane Harvey caused 80 deaths and tremendous flood damage across […]

October 23rd 2017

Minimum energy performance requirement looms. Have you got the energy?

Winter for many tenants of residential or commercial properties can be costly and uncomfortable if they have to endure sub-standard heating systems in drafty buildings. But all that’s set to change next year when the new energy efficiency regulations come into play on 1st April 2018. Changes to the 2011 Energy Act are intended to […]

October 19th 2017

Less for more thanks to latest inflation figures

The refreshed currency in our pockets, purses and wallets won’t stay there long thanks to the highest inflation in the UK in five years. While clothing has remained low, food, transport and utility prices have tipped inflation over the edge from 2.9% in August to 3% in September, with wage increases still hobbling behind at […]

October 11th 2017

How SMEs can be more environmentally friendly

With deadlines to meet and targets to hit, thinking about the environment is rarely a priority in the workplace. But just a few surprisingly simple changes can have a significant positive impact on the environment – and also on your finances. The Carbon Trust Standard estimates UK SMEs could collectively save nearly £400 million per […]