Archive Year: 2016
December 12th 2016

3 financial threats to SMEs

Problems in running your small business are just as likely to be financial as they are physical, and in the whirlwind of keeping customers happy, ensuring you’re trading effectively, and paying suppliers on time, there are things that fall by the wayside. But these areas you previously hadn’t paid much attention to can suddenly become […]

December 9th 2016

Car thefts rise 25% during winter months

Instances of vehicle theft increase by up to 25% in the winter months, new research by car security company Tracker finds. Motorists are warned to be especially vigilant in the months after October’s clock change, as dark evenings and mornings combined with adverse weather provide plenty of unusual opportunities for criminals to take advantage of. […]

December 8th 2016

A question of life insurance: Is vaping the same as smoking?

With an estimated 2.6 million active e-cigarette users across the UK, vaping is a popular and widely accepted alternative to smoking. Battery powered e-cigarettes use a heating element that turns liquid nicotine into a cloud of vapour to be inhaled, often with flavourings. So is it any better for your health than smoking? Reports are […]

December 8th 2016

What can we learn from the floods of Christmas past?

Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank caused flood chaos over last year’s Christmas period, causing an estimated £1.3bn in claims. What can property owners learn to protect their portfolios from the threat of similar damage this winter?

November 30th 2016

Is your employers’ liability certificate on display?

Whether you’re an SME or a global conglomerate, by law you are responsible for your workers’ health and safety. If an employee tripped over a stray cable in the office and hurt their back or a construction worker employed by your company developed a long-term illness from dust-inhalation on-site, then your business could be liable. […]

November 25th 2016

8 myths about life insurance

One in four breadwinners in the UK – that’s around 8.5 million people – don’t have life insurance, according to research by But, have they considered what this might mean for those left behind? It’s not easy thinking about a time when you won’t be around anymore. But rather than tiptoeing around the elephant […]

November 23rd 2016

Black Friday explained

Imported into the UK from our American cousins, Black Friday is a bargain-filled shopping bonanza which kicks off the annual pre-Christmas retail frenzy. For retailers it can be both a blessing and a curse, offering the chance to boost profits – but at what cost? What is Black Friday? Annual retail holiday Black Friday falls […]

November 22nd 2016

The blame game: ABI report sparks debate over flood defences

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has launched a new guide for repairing flooded and water damaged buildings, and in doing so seems to have opened the floodgates to a debate over whose responsibility it is to prevent and minimise flood damage. Written by experts on water damaged buildings, the document runs through key principles […]