Archive Year: 2015
June 23rd 2015

Could you recover from your losses?

If the thieves get in, don’t let them win A theft or break-in can spell disaster for businesses and homeowners alike, and without adequate insurance, the after-effects can be devastating.

April 4th 2015

Insurance FAQs

We’re frequently asked questions by our clients about insurance matters and answer some of the regular queries we receive in the list below.

March 3rd 2015

Business protection

Is a key person all that’s keeping your business in the black? Many small businesses rely on a few individuals who do a number of roles. The loss of any one of them could be a real threat to the continuity of their business.

January 30th 2015

Does your business have a plan B?

There’s probably not a business day goes by where you don’t plan. Plan for growth, plan for customer satisfaction, even plan for the longer term plans.