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How SMEs can be more environmentally friendly

With deadlines to meet and targets to hit, thinking about the environment is rarely a priority in the workplace. But just a few surprisingly simple changes can have a significant positive impact on the environment – and also on your finances. The Carbon Trust Standard estimates UK SMEs could collectively save nearly £400 million per […]

October 11th 2017

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How should businesses respond to a “critical” threat level?

The UK terror level reached critical status once again following the Parson’s Green explosion on 15th September. Lowered to “severe” two days later, it’s the third time this year the country has been on the highest alert, with troops bolstering police presence at major public events and areas of large crowds, such as train stations […]

October 6th 2017

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Cyber manufacturing/Hine Insurance
Buying vs leasing equipment: Which is right for your business?

As a business owner, you will inevitably need to update your business equipment at some point – whether it’s investing in new computer hardware or replacing old machinery with the latest versions. Renovating your equipment can have far-reaching positive impacts, from keeping up with ever-changing technology and maintaining cyber security, to improving yield, outputs and […]

September 25th 2017

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Internet/Hine Insurance
The internet in 60 seconds

Are you ever surprised by the amount of web page visits you’ve clocked up when going back through your search history, or are you figuring out if you’re like the average smart phone user who picks up their device 85 times a day? There’s a lot of activity going on in and around the internet […]

September 14th 2017

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Crane/Hine Insurance
5 areas of risk in construction

If the only risks associated with construction were that of injury or death on site, the job of an insurer would be a lot more straightforward. But lead contractors know more than anyone, except perhaps insurance experts and solicitors, that the stakes are high in every project in ways that extend beyond health and safety. […]

September 12th 2017

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Paintbrush/Hine Insurance
Health hazards for painters

Painters and decorators who spend their time sanding, spraying, cleaning and filing are exposing themselves to a number of known cancer causing properties, known as carcinogens. This daily contact can cause lung and bladder cancer, causing the death of 334 painters a year, according to the cancer burden study. Hazardous substances which can be found […]

September 11th 2017

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