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Directors & officers – tough at the top

Directors and officers are today, facing a challenging environment. With tightening regulation and emerging technologies, executive liability is increasing, especially in the cyber arena. And despite an ever increasing series of cyber-attacks on businesses – a quarter are reporting a breach at least once a month – only 17% of firms have had their staff […]

August 21st 2017

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Firms face £17 million fines for failing to prevent cyber attacks

For today’s businesses, protecting data and digital assets with cyber security is as essential as locking the office doors at night to protect physical property. Now the government has announced that firms could face fines of up to £17 million, or 4% of their global turnover, if they fail to protect themselves from cyber attacks. […]

August 14th 2017

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5 trip hazards to be found in your bridal shop

It may not occur to most future brides to be wary of potential trip and slip hazards when attending a dress fitting, but despite your best efforts to make them and their guests feel welcome and comfortable, accidents can happen. While an ill-fated tumble can put a dampener on a day of wedding window shopping […]

August 3rd 2017

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Calls for crane safety after fatal collapse

Anyone who has worked on a construction site understands the dangers posed by moving and lifting equipment. Cranes are heavy, mechanical and require diligent maintenance to remain safe, while even the best trained operators can make mistakes. Several high profile accidents involving cranes have recently hit the headlines. In June 2017, two crane erectors were […]

July 31st 2017

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Top 10 tips for new bridal retailers

If you’re thinking of starting a new bridal business, your ever-expanding “to do” list may already be very long, and insurance may not come at the top of it. But insurance is an integral part of good management and can assure you that you’ll be supported in the future if serious problems come your way. […]

July 30th 2017

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Workplace fires – common causes and how to prevent them

Without the awareness, care and attention of everyone at work, a fire can start and spread in the workplace. What’s more, ill-preparation can cost lives. Between 2013 and 2014, there were 22,200 fires reported in non-dwelling businesses, with commercial buildings deemed most at risk. Licensed premises and those serving food accounted 2,200 fires, and it […]

July 25th 2017

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