Ransomware demands up to £1 million no longer unusual

The Mail on Sunday has reported a cyber-attack on exclusive jewellery firm Graff. Cyber criminals are alleged to have leaked up to 69,000 confidential documents, including private details of David Beckham, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and Sir Philip Green. They…

Getting your business ready for winter

snowy street
How do business owners make sure their businesses are ready for winter, so they can continue to provide a great service for their clients if something were to happen?

Tackling the HGV driver shortage

The government is going to make 50,000 more HGV driving tests available across England, Wales & Scotland through a two-pronged strategy of streamlining HGV testing and ending car trailer testing.

Stay savvy against vehicle thieves

car thief
Almost 75k cars were stolen last year – a 33% increase from 2019, according to the DVLA. Whether you have a personal vehicle or a motor fleet, we’ve put together our top tips, so you don’t become a victim of vehicle theft.

Casting the cyber net

insurance agency in didsbury manchester

“Cyber crime – it won’t happen to me” say a lot of small to medium sized business owners – because “Why would any one target me?” The majority of victims of cyber attacks haven’t been targeted. Cyber criminals cast their…

Do I need cyber insurance if I use an IT company?

insurance agency in didsbury manchester

Something that quite often comes up is “I don’t need cyber insurance because I have a company looking after my cyber security” or “So now I’ve taken my cyber insurance, do I still need to pay for cyber security?”. To…

Bridal shop insurance: Frequently asked questions

Wedding dress - Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers

Got an insurance query? Read our guide to some of the most frequently asked questions from bridal shop owners. As a well-known, Chartered insurance broker to the bridal industry, our 200+ bridal and formalwear shop clients don’t just rely on…

Why don’t more businesses buy cyber insurance?

I often get asked by people “How many businesses actually buy cyber insurance?”. My quick response is “not enough” however, I always go on to explain why I think this is. I believe businesses turn down the opportunity for a…

Don’t let the Whiplash Reforms increase your premiums

Car crash - Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers

The recent Whiplash Reform changes have reduced the window of time for establishing liability following a motor incident so letting us know about an incident as soon as possible is now more important than ever. You can read a summary…

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