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We’re passionate about protecting the things that matter to YOU – whether that’s your business, your car, your home or your possessions.

If you have an accident or suffer a loss, we will work on YOUR behalf to ensure the claim is settled as quickly as possible.

We believe in challenging our own team to excel in everything they do – above all, in order to offer YOU outstanding levels of service.


Our experienced and high calibre team of Chartered insurance brokers are the best at what they do – employing over 100 years of experience to ensure you’re fully covered at the most competitive premiums possible.


Everything we do is intelligently and strategically focused on ensuring you’re protected. So whether you’re looking for business or personal insurance, speak to us – you’ll find we’re right there for you.

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Following the recent renewal of our commercial and fleet policies we would like to thank you for all your efforts in securing the most favourable terms possible yet again. Control of costs in any business is more vital now than ever and we are pleased that you have reduced our overall insurance costs again, without compromise on the level of cover we have come to expect. Your continued help and advice thoughout the year is most appreciated.

Mrs. Eileen Mason, Commercial Manager, Jaymar Packaging Ltd.

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How to design an effective meeting agenda

As the saying goes, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Never is this idiom better applied than in workplace meetings, where unprepared participants, unclear objectives and time-wasting topics can be very frustrating. The key to ensuring your meeting goes to plan is creating an effective agenda, which sets clear expectations for what will occur during the […]

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Property pensions win favour with investors

Investing in property has always been considered a sound move, but new research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals that investors have the most confidence in a property pension to generate the best return. The figures reveal that property is considered the second safest way to save for retirement, plus more than twice […]

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Tech-free Tuesdays: The business benefits of a no-email day

How many emails do you send on an average day at work? It’s estimated that around 269 billion emails are sent around the world every single day. That’s a staggering 2.4 million per second, with the average office worker receiving 121 emails in a day. Emails have become the backbone of many of our work […]

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Taking responsibility for fire safety

Fires in commercial and residential housing can, in the best scenario, cost money and cause disruption to people’s lives and business. In the very worst cases, as we’ve seen in London, it can cost lives. Read on to see what measures you should be looking at now to ensure the safety of those occupying your properties.

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What are squatters rights?

Do you know your legal standpoint as the property owner? Squatters can claim possession of a building they’re occupying True: Someone who is occupying a property without the owners’ permission can become the registered owner with the help of a conveyancer or solicitor. To do so, they would have to prove that they or their […]

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NHS ransomware attack: A look back

What happened? In May 2017, the UK’s National Health Service was brought to a halt by malicious software which locked up its computer systems. At least 16 local NHS services around the country were affected. As a result, patients were turned away from appointments, emergency patients had to be diverted to other hospitals, and in […]

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5 ways to protect your home while you're away

Nothing is going to dash your post-holiday inner contentment more than the discovery of a kicked in door, smashed windows and stolen valuables. Take the precautions below and you can be confident that a break-in, while you’re enjoying your holiday, will be much less likely. Don’t broadcast your trip – It’s natural that we want […]

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UK rental system "not fit for purpose"

According to new research by online letting agency LetBritain, 37% of British landlords feel let down by the country’s current rental system and do not feel the UK rental market is fit for purpose, but rather that it is unsuited to the rapid and demanding rental market. Letting agents appeared to bear the brunt of […]

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The building blocks of 3D printing insurance

Tuning into the latest business opportunities created by technology can bring new risks to your operations. The first step to avoiding them is knowing what they are; the second is preparing for them with insurance.  We outline how common insurance features of old can apply to the “young blood” of technical operations. Product Liability Claims […]

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Is your hotel geared up for weddings?

Improve the reception-appeal of your establishment and you could see a handsome profit all year round. Getting noticed Advertising – Unless your hotel is on the couple’s radar, it could be completely missed off the initial venue search if you don’t put yourself out there. There are a handful of prominent UK venue listing websites […]

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