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At Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers we help our clients with a wide range of insurance and financial services, whether it’s protecting the building, stock, and staff of a large factory, or covering a luxury vehicle belonging to one of our private clients.

We believe in consistently delivering quality, cost-effective insurance with an impeccable and professional service, something which is highlighted by our Chartered status.

Explore our website to find out more about the independent insurance services we offer, or get in touch to talk to one of our insurance advisors about your insurance needs today.


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We have been using Hine Insurance Brokers for a year and find them suited to our needs. The service we receive from them, and especially Chris Lobley, is always excellent. Any insurance issues we have are quickly resolved and any claims dealt with efficiently.

Peter Connah, Lancaster Partners Ltd

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Fraudulent claims valued at £1.3bn in 2015

Lost luggage, ice cream van accidents and bus crashes all contributed to more than 130,000 fraudulent claims in 2015 – the equivalent of 2,500 per week. Motor claims were the most common of frauds, according to the figures released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), totaling 70,000 instances amounting to a value of £800m. […]

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Predictive analytics - the future of security

Cyber security is an arms race. Just as military equipment from the 1970s would no longer cut it on the battlefield, the defences adopted by businesses as recently as a year ago no longer offer adequate protection. It’s a constant struggle to ensure that security professionals are one step ahead of the hackers. The threat […]

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Switch and save on your health insurance

We’re fortunate to have private health insurance as an option in this country, rather than an essential. Fast track appointments, accessible specialist treatments, and flexibility on appointments and visiting times are some of the reasons that people choose to take out private medical insurance. If you’ve been with the same provider for some time, you […]

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Risk aversion for your business, explained

Picture a weighing scale. On the one side is fear of financial loss, on the other hope of financial gain. Let’s say you have £50,000 which can be invested with equal likelihood of a return of £0 or £100,000 in one year’s time. The amount you stand to lose or gain is equal, so do […]

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Second increase in a year for Insurance Premium Tax

No sooner had we gotten used to the increased IPT rate of 9.5%, up from the 6% introduced in 2011, do we find that it’s going up again, albeit by less than the 3% predicted. Why does IPT exist? Insurance Premium Tax was introduced in 1994 at a rate of 2.5%. Insurance is exempt from […]

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Your go-to insurance person

Insurance is one of life’s little inevitabilities for a great many of us, like booking your car in for an MOT, visiting the dentist, or filling out a tax return. It’s one of those things that comes round and round, giving even the most spontaneous people an essential routine that can’t be avoided no matter […]

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Insurance translated

ADDENDUM (or ENDORSEMENT): This document sets out in writing any agreed alterations to an insurance contract. ADJUSTER: A person who investigates and assesses claims on behalf of insurers ALL RISKS: A type of insurance that covers any accidental loss or damage, unless the cause is specifically excluded from the policy. ASSURANCE: Sometimes used instead of […]

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Emerging company? Show strength in your insurance

As a new business, you’ll be focused on how you’re going to pack a punch to ensure your name, product and/or service is getting known. But much of your future success is going to rest on the ability to step back as much as push forward, and this is certainly true when it comes to […]

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