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At Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers we help our clients with a wide range of insurance and financial services, whether it’s protecting the building, stock, and staff of a large factory, or covering a luxury vehicle belonging to one of our private clients.

We believe in consistently delivering quality, cost-effective insurance with an impeccable and professional service, something which is highlighted by our Chartered status.

Explore our website to find out more about the independent insurance services we offer, or get in touch to talk to one of our insurance advisors about your insurance needs today.


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Could your car insurance premium be set to increase by 50%?

Drivers are being warned that car insurance premiums could be set to soar by as much as 50% if plans to increase compensation payouts get the green light. Law firms which specialise in injury compensation, often referred to as ‘ambulance chasers’, are lobbying minsters to oblige insurers to give bigger payouts to victims of serious […]

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Ransomware puts a bounty on system usage

Just when businesses are getting up to speed with the latest tricks employed by cyber criminals, another rears its ugly head. Ransomware is the practice of extorting a business by blocking access or threatening to damage their systems unless or until a sum of money is paid. While this risk is deemed as “emerging”, instances […]

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Do you inspect your lifting equipment regularly?

The consequences of under-inspected lifting equipment can be serious, potentially causing serious injuries and even fatalities. Lifting equipment is defined as any machinery or apparatus used for carrying and lowering heavy loads – including overhead cranes, forklifts, motor vehicle lifts and vehicle tail lift, building cleaning cradles and similar. Lifting accessories include any chains, hooks […]

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Is it the law to have business insurance?

Whether you’re setting up your own business or have been running one for a while, the subject of business insurance can be fraught. How do you know what is a legal requirement? Which extra covers are worth your hard-earned money, and which are a waste? Is it the law? Whether or not you are legally […]

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Introducing Industry 4.0

Every revolution needs a catchy name. The industrial revolution of the Victorian age may well have gone by other names which fell by the wayside and which subsequently did not make it into our history books. The Internet of Things is contributing to the revolution in work processes we are currently seeing – but the […]

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Could Brexit cause customs delays at UK ports?

As Theresa May suggests Britain will pull out of the EU’s single market and customs union as part of a “swift and clean” Brexit, the UK Freight Transport Association (FTA) has warned Parliament that exiting without first creating an arrangement for “frictionless trade” could lead to expensive customs delays for ports, hauliers and shippers. The […]

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Does your business know the law over dress cover discrimination?

In May 2016, a petition started by receptionist Nicola Thorpe hit the headlines, calling for the law to be changed on female dress codes after staff agency Portico sent her home on her first day at a corporate finance company for not wearing high heels. Portico’s list of demands for female employees has since been […]

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Study reveals cyber concerns among manufacturing executives

The impact of technology in the manufacturing industry thanks to globalisation, complex systems and a drive for innovation, is vast. The adoption of smart products and interconnectivity means that cyber risks are becoming more widespread and difficult to crack. This is nowhere more the case than in the manufacturing industry, where competition is fierce and […]

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