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We’re passionate about protecting the things that matter to YOU – whether that’s your business, your car, your home or your possessions.

If you have an accident or suffer a loss, we will work on YOUR behalf to ensure the claim is settled as quickly as possible.

We believe in challenging our own team to excel in everything they do – above all, in order to offer YOU outstanding levels of service.


Our experienced and high calibre team of Chartered insurance brokers are the best at what they do – employing over 100 years of experience to ensure you’re fully covered at the most competitive premiums possible.


Everything we do is intelligently and strategically focused on ensuring you’re protected. So whether you’re looking for business or personal insurance, speak to us – you’ll find we’re right there for you.

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The staff at Hine were fantastic - one member of staff dropped everything that morning to find us the most competitive quote covering all the aspects we had asked for and organised everything within half an hour of our first call.

This is not the first time we have arranged insurance through Hine and both times we have been extremely happy with their service and level of professionalism.

Lisa Friedman, Ubuntu HR Ltd

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